Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Episode 13 – Tributes to Noel Coward, English Music Hall & Broadway

Although many rough copies of The Julie Andrews Hour are floating around--most all taped or filmed off a television set back in the early 1970s--this show seems to be missing.

On December 13, 1972, Episode 13, with guest stars Tony Randall and Keith Michell aired. It had actually been taped a week prior to Episode 12 , the show with guest stars Tom and Dick Smothers and Jack Cassidy, but perhaps it needed more editing.

The Salute to Noel Coward was set in an elegant salon with grand piano. In addition to male and female dancers who served as extras, (and, of course, Julie and guest stars), Alice Ghostley and Rich Little had good sized parts to perform. Like Noel Coward himself, this portion of the show was elegant, witty, sentimental and lovely. In it, Alice Ghostley sang “Mad About the Boy” and Julie sang “I’ll See You Again.” Other songs performed were: “Poor Little Rich Girl,” “I Went to a Marvelous Party” and “Has Anybody Seen Our Ship?”

Having been present for some of the taping, I also recall Julie and Tony Randall singing “Wunderbar” together. It sounded quite lovely.

The old English Music Hall portion of the show was great fun, with cream pies being thrown, Julie and Alice playing vaudeville sisters and Julie singing an old 1895 song about a girl being left at the altar (Waitin’ at the Church.)

Hopefully, this show will either be released or someone will come up with a copy soon. It was a marvelous show!

For more information on the show, please see my November 17th blog in three parts.

Coming Next – Eighteen Hours with Julie Andrews and Keith Michell


  1. On this night I went down to Wilshire Blvd for the premiere of the "Man of La Mancha" starring Peter O'Toole and Sophia Loren. The buses took so long I got there a little late, but met two men who told me they were in show business. One, a songwriter, had one of his songs on Elvis Presley's new record. He showed me the recording which had yet to be released. They took my number and said they'd get me an audition with an agent. I doubted they would.

    Studpidly (or innocently) the one man offered me a ride home and on the way we stopped at the other fellow's apartment. My guarding angel was definitely taking care of me because after some conversation that I didn't understand, the songwriter said he was taking me back to my dorm. He told me not to accept any more rides from people I didn't know.

    I missed half of the above show but noted in my diary that I thought the show came off pretty good and "I burst out laughing when Rich Little walked across the stage that had been covered with garbage thrown at him and the floor was clean." That shot was taped first and the garbage part last, so when they put it together it didn't quite match!

  2. Forty years later, I'm thankful you're here to tell that story. Definitely protected by your guardian angel!

    1. I'm afraid I'm slow to answer my messages, but so glad you have enjoyed this. I still plan to work on a book...soon!