Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nov 17th - Part 3 Tony Randall, Finale & The Ride Home


It was late now. Everyone took a rest. Bill Harbach was practically falling asleep in his chair. One of the chorus girls was huddled under her coat in the front seat of the audience. Harbach sat up and said,
“You could hang meat in this room!”


Around this time, Julie meets a woman at the front of the stage who is bringing her a cup of something to drink, probably tea.
“Ummm. That is delicious,” says Julie as she gulps it down. Then, she sprays something in her throat. I learn that it’s something called “Binaca.” I must get some.
Julie’s husband, Blake Edwards arrives. Julie talks to him for a while. He is different than I pictured.
Julie on the set in her chair.

I notice that Julie comes to the front of the house a lot. A few times it has almost seemed as if she was coming to where we girls are sitting, but someone always takes  her away, just at that moment. 

Today, the front of the house seems to be the most private place on the set. Julie talks a lot up on stage. She also looks at us. I try not to stare too much, but smile if I do look. I hope she remembers me....


They were ready to film the final song of the show. For this number, Julie came out dressed in an old fashioned wedding gown.
“Oh, doesn’t she make a beautiful bride!” Vivien exclaimed quietly...


For future publication purposes, the story of my ride home with the girls following Julie home has been removed.

Please note: Portions of this story have been removed and will be included in a new book on The Julie Andrews Hour.

Coming Next …. Thanksgiving and A Tribute to Walt Disney!

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