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Julie Andrews, Malibu and Me - 1973

During the time The Julie Andrews Hour was being taped, everyone knew that Julie and
One of my favorite photos of Julie
Andrews, taken in Malibu the summer
or fall of 1972.
her family were spending their weekends at the beach in Malibu. This was mentioned in Blake Edward’s documentary, Julie, and in every magazine interview. But Malibu is a big place. It includes the “Movie Colony,” a gated community where stars have spent time since the 1930s. So, no one really knew where the Edwards’ home was. Yet despite the fact that two of the fans I knew, Patty and Kelly, had followed Julie to the Movie Colony one weekend, I was pretty sure that was not where her home was.

Even before I was born, my maternal grandmother owned land in Malibu. As a teenager, my mother spent her summer weekends at the family’s small cottage on a large plot of land, where, in the mid-1950s, my grandmother built a lovely home on the hill over-looking the ocean. Much of my early childhood was spent there and movie actors were no strangers to me. In fact, one of my childhood pals was Allen Jenkins, a character actor who had worked in numerous films with Humphrey Bogart and Edward G. Robinson. Will Rogers Jr and his family were our neighbors.

... In this blog, the author discovers that, indeed, Julie Andrews and her family had been closer to her grandmother's home than she ever know.

This blog has been abbreviated toward re-writing this subject for a new book.

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