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Jan 28 - Feb 4 -- My Life & Julie's Explanation

On the day following last my visit to The Julie Andrews Hour (January 26th), I got on the bus and went back to West Covina to stay with my family for the weekend. As noted in my diary, I ended up with a crazy woman sitting next to me:

    “… [She] insisted on sitting right next to me when there was plenty of room elsewhere… she had a nervous habit of turning her ticket around. When the bus was over flowing, she began talking about Russia, guns and profanity, and she kept trying to hit the woman next to her. When a man slipped against her, she jumped up screaming at him. I was relieved when she got off.
     Julie’s show with Robert Goulet and Peggy Lee was on tonight. Julie and Peggy got along very well singing. Julie sang “How Long Has This Been Going On?” She was cute in “The Candy Man,” and changed her image in “Let Me Entertain You.” The Broadway scenes were good and she seemed to be in a good mood, but it was strange to watch a show I had no part of.”

January 28th
Tonight, for some strange reason I decided to get very clean. My friend Alice said she was coming over and when I went to the door, Carolyn Farny, my friend from grammar school, was there with a present. I was so surprised; it took me a minute to realize Mommy was having a surprise birthday party for me!  (I had already opened my presents from everyone else in the morning.) Alice, Carolyn and I had lots of conversation, and I thought would be fun to be the hostess of a party, but only with people you really like.

[It is funny to see that in the midst of my diary, I wrote: “I have been thinking that this diary is boring and has no value.” In conclusion, I recalled being in love the previous year, “Life was so beautiful then,” I wrote.]

January 29th was the day for my last final. Between failing my acting class and being put out of The Julie Andrews Hour, my ideas had changed. I was restless. “I have decided I must earn some extra money for my future,” I wrote. My mother gave me a weekly allowance of about $20 or more, but although she was supportive, she didn’t want me in show business.

On January 31st, my nineteenth birthday, I found I didn’t want to get up. Nevertheless, I went to my singing lesson with Mr. Loring. “… I tried to come out of myself and let go. Mr. Loring said I had a very good lesson. Then, he played a recording of Mary Martin singing some songs from South Pacific for me. It was beautiful. I am going to learn “Cock-eyed Optimist” and “A Wonderful Guy.”

This evening, I finally called the number Claire Priest gave me for “Kelly.” We spoke and I learned the true story (?) of the talk she and the other girls had with Julie after the last show we attended (the showe with Angela Lansbury and Steve Lawrence). This is what happened:

Julie Andrews giving an autograph
to a young fan around this same year
When Julie saw the three girls – Patty, Kelly and Marsha, the fan club president- coming toward her as she went to her car, she stopped. Marsha approached her and asked for her autograph. After Julie signed whatever she had given her, Marsha asked,
“What’s happening? Why were we put out?”

By now, Julie was already in the car, but had left the door open. Tony, the man who was going to drive her, said, “Come on, let’s go.”
But Julie said, “No, wait a minute. Hold it! I want to get this straightened out.”

Julie then explained that the people at ABC were worried about our staying at the studio so late; they thought maybe it was unhealthy for us (Kelly thought that meant the studio didn’t think we ate properly) and they were afraid parents and teachers would be calling the studio, looking for us. Julie said she thought we should be “more mature” about this and “go through the proper channels.” Then, we would be able to come to the rest of the shows.

When the girls told her that they were forced to sit in the back row, she said that wasn’t right; the studio had gone too far. But, she added, she didn’t know much about it.

Kelly then stepped up and asked Julie, “What about the rest of the closed sets?”
Julie looked at her for a minute. Then, she replied,
“It annoys me to have you follow me home every night.” 

At this point, Kelly told me that three weeks earlier she had wanted to give Julie a letter and Julie’s car hadn’t stopped when she was leaving, so she was angry and had driven to Julie’s house, reaching it before she arrived. 

When Julie got there-- just before she went into the house--Kelly got out of her car and ran to hand Julie the letter. She said Julie was so nice and spoke to all of them (not sure if it was “Marsha” and “Patty” or who) for about 15 minutes about a lot of things, and they all talked to her.

“It wasn’t one-sided. Well, at first she didn’t look too happy to see us, but she was alright later,” Kelly said in response to my questioning.

[It was interesting to find this story in my diary. It had always been my opinion that Julie never said what she really thought and left us all hanging. In fact, she had stated some of what she thought to the other girls, but it seems no one really listened.]

On February 2nd, I asked Ann, my singer friend from International House, if she’d like to go to the Hollywood Palace with me for The Merv Griffin Show. We arrived around 4:30 to get on line. When I arrived, I saw a man taking pictures. No one seemed to recognize who they were taking pictures of, but later, someone said it was Rex Harrison! Of course, I was thinking of Julie (since they starred together in My Fair Lady) and I felt so thankful for all the time I’ve spent with her. During the show, when Rex came out, the band played, “I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face” and I wanted to cry. There was such an air of sentimentality in the theater, but of course he never mentioned Julie.

My little brother, John, at the Malibu
cottage, taken a few months later in 1973
On February 3rd, I did not feel well and had come down a horrid sore throat. I was in West Covina with the family, and we (Mommy, Ralph, my little brothers and I) packed up and went down to Malibu. It was cloudy and rainy there, but everything was beautifully green.

I sat in my spot on the fence, which sits on the highest rim of the hill overlooking the ocean, and sang. It was lovely to be there and once again to see the ocean --to see on forever with such beautiful, pink clouds.  I took a nap and then we had dinner.

My grandmother in a 1917 production
of "That Girl Gloria"

I miss VuVu (my grandmother) terribly when I am there. It seems that if she were anywhere in this world, this must be where she is.

 [Recently, I had read Billie Burke’s autobiography. When speaking of her husband, Florenz Ziegfeld’s death, she wrote that since due to work they were often apart, when he died she kept feeling he was just in another part of the country, not really gone.]

We got home about 7 o’clock and I saw Julie‘s show.  Julie looked more like herself on this show--lovelier. I liked the “Inka-Dinka-Doo” Jimmy Durante number she did with the hat.

Feb 4th - I stayed in bed all day with a fever. Drank lots of tea. Mommy didn’t think I should go to Hollywood, but late in the day I felt well enough to go back. Then, I went to bed right away. I was sick and in bed the entire next day as well.

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[Apologies: Last time, I mistakenly noted that John Denver was on this show.]

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