Saturday, January 12, 2013

January 12 - Put Out

                                  Continued from previous blog…

Julie in her chair in happier times
I felt my heart go cold and tears well up in my eyes.  I took a little piece of paper out of my purse and wrote Vivian a note, asking her to explain. I found myself looking around the studio, at the lights, the stage and at Julie, as if to say goodbye.

By now, everyone in Studio E was on lunch break. The crew came out and tried to make us feel better. The camera men said they were wondering why we weren’t inside. They knew nothing of the new the rule. Neither did the pages. That seemed rather strange...

NOTE:  This segment of the story from a book now in process on The Julie Andrews Hour has been removed in part for now. 

To be continued…

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  1. There are many controversial things here, even after 40 years... so I have changed names and left some very key things out, particularly in the next blog.

  2. Still painful after 40 years, I'm so sorry.

  3. Just came across your blog. Fascinating! Remember those years so well. While all of it was happening on the West coast, I was trying to grow up in the Northeast. It seems JA attracted a myriad number of the lonely and disenfranchised. I was no exception. Any opportunity to read of or catch her TV show (s) was the perfect panacea to the abuse, neglect, and isolation that I endured at home. I have read interviews with Julie quoted as saying that her voice /her work is "a gift " to her fans. I don 't think she could fully understand how much of a gift it was for me. Her "gift " was often the only thread of solace I had, and one that enabled me to cope when I was being slammed around or ignored.

    1. Gary, I am very touched by what your have written. I hope someday Julie can read it as well.