Sunday, January 13, 2013

January 12 - Inside Studio E Again

Note: This blog has been greatly abbreviated toward the release of a new book on the subject. 

…continued from the previous blog…

Arriving back at the studio gate, I saw the guard lining people up for the show, but I was in a mood and walked through in a huff, like I belonged. I was feeling hurt in a way I couldn’t explain.
When I finally arrived at Studio E, the girls were looking at pictures of Julie in a Japanese fan magazine...
On this day, all of the ABC personnel were wearing yellow pins that said, “Stay Awake!” Four of us got pins too, which made us feel better, as if we were part of the studio.
Meanwhile, the staff came out and set up tables with tea and crumpets, just as they had the first time I ever came to the show, but I had no appetite. It made me sad to realize how much has changed.
Now, it was time for them to begin taping the show. As usual, Dick Tufeld spoke about the show, and, then, turned the mic over to Rich Little who did some of his impressions. After that, Rich introduced Julie’s guests: Jim Nabors and Eydie Gorme. 
It seemed like we waited a long while for Julie...
Finally, she came out. And the first thing she did was to look around the camera to see if we were there. After Dick Tufeld introduced her, she said,
“We’re very late tonight, so let’s just begin right away.”
 … to be continued

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  1. I can't believe it but today I found my ABC "Stay Awake" button!