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Nov 17th - Part 3 Tony Randall, Finale & The Ride Home


It was late now. Everyone took a rest. Bill Harbach was practically falling asleep in his chair. One of the chorus girls was huddled under her coat in the front seat of the audience. Harbach sat up and said,
“You could hang meat in this room!”

Tony Randall came out wearing a suit with buttons all over it and stood at the edge of the stage. He smiled at our little audience. I think he wanted to get a laugh, but no one seemed to pay any attention. ...

A few minutes later, Keith Michell came out wearing a suit that looked exactly like Tony’s. He performed a number. Then, as he was leaving the stage, someone ran up and threw part of a pie at him. The whole side of his face was covered with whipped cream and there was cream all over the floor. He acted like he didn't know was going to happen, appearing rather shocked. Someone came over and cleaned his face while everybody laughed.
“Alright, clean it up!” yelled Bill Harbach. 
The crew came out with mops and cleaned up the mess on the floor.

“Tony, are you ready to do your song,” director Bill Davis asked.
“I haven’t sung all day,” said Tony.
“You’ll be able to do it.”
But Tony seemed worried about his performance and disappeared behind the curtain. All of a sudden we heard a voice going, “Ah--ahhhhhhhhh.”  It went on and on with no stop.
“What is that?” someone asked.
“Hey, Tony, sing on key,” yelled someone else.
We all laughed. We are accustomed to Julie’s beautiful trills and this was the opposite of that.
“Park that car!” yelled Rich Little, who was sitting a little ways from me.
We were all in hysterics, laughing.
“Will he ever stop?”
Tony appeared on stage and they were ready to ‘film.’ He started singing his song, an Irish ditty. Good! Great! We all clapped.
Just then, we see someone appear between the curtains behind him with a big cream pie. 
 Bang! Right in the kisser. He stands there, shocked. I don’t know how long he stood there, not moving, like a sad clown. We laugh. We think he is laughing too. Finally, Rich Little comes, helps him off the stage, takes the pie off and wipes his face. Tony can’t even see.
“Clean it up!” yells Bill Harbach.
A few minutes later the telephone in producer’s area rings, and Bill Harbach answers it.
“What? What!” says Bill. “Tony’s angry? Not really! He’s angry?!” Bill says in disbelief.


Around this time, Julie meets a woman at the front of the stage who is bringing her a cup of something to drink, probably tea.
“Ummm. That is delicious,” says Julie as she gulps it down. Then, she sprays something in her throat. I learn that it’s something called “Binaca.” I must get some.
Julie’s husband, Blake Edwards arrives. Julie talks to him for a while. He is different than I pictured.
Julie on the set in her chair.

I notice that Julie comes to the front of the house a lot. A few times it has almost seemed as if she was coming to where we girls are sitting, but someone always takes  her away, just at that moment. 
Today, the front of the house seems to be the most private place on the set. Julie talks a lot up on stage. She also looks at us. I try not to stare too much, but smile if I do look. I hope she remembers me....


They were ready to film the final song of the show. For this number, Julie came out dressed in an old fashioned wedding gown.
“Oh, doesn’t she make a beautiful bride!” Vivien exclaimed quietly...


Earlier that evening, I met “Patty’s friend, “Kelly,” a slender girl with dark hair and glasses. Kelly was about nineteen, older than the other girls or myself. She had already graduated from high school and had a job. But what was more important, she had a driver’s license and a car.

When I asked around about getting a ride home, someone told me to ask “Kelly.” She agreed to take me home, but said that, first, she and “Patty” were going to follow Julie. Julie, they told me, had a gold Mercedes. If I was willing to ride along with them while they followed Julie home, they’d take me back to International House afterwards. I really wasn’t gung-ho about following Julie; it wasn’t something my grandmother, who had Hollywood friends, would have approved of, but I wanted to get home safely, so I said “okay.”


I followed Patty and Kelly to the stage entrance, which is behind the patio wall. It’s beautiful back there. They have a cherry tree in bloom and beautiful plants at the door. Some of the chorus boys were coming out. We walked over to Kelly's car, which was parked on the studio lot, and drove out a different entrance than the one I come in. That entrance is on the side where Julie comes when she rides to work in a helicopter. Kelly stopped the car just outside the studio gate and turned her lights off. (Sometimes, so I look good, I don’t wear my glasses in the studio, but I put them on now so I could see.
A red car passed us. It was Julie. We saw her sitting up front on the passenger side, wearing a light blue sweater. Just then, Vivien came running, saying, “It’s Julie!”

Patty was getting out of the car. She’d seen that Joan’s husband was driving and exclaimed, “I can’t go! He knows me and I can't risk being seen.” I guess Vivian’s mom was going to take her home.

Now, Kelly and I went off. 

Please note: Portions of this story have been removed and will be included in a new book on The Julie Andrews Hour.

Coming Next …. Thanksgiving and A Tribute to Walt Disney!

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